Welcome to Starry Stories! Take your little ones stargazing with this series of rhyming storybooks, written by astronomer Tom Kerss and illustrated by Anni Betts. Join an inquisitive squirrel in Greenwich Park who stays up to learn about the night sky, meet surprising new friends and teachers, and discover the stars.

Book One | The Squirrel that Watched the Stars

A curious grey squirrel stays up after sunset and becomes enthralled by the beautiful night sky. He longs to know more about the stars, just like the astronomers at the observatory close to his tree. Unable to speak to the astronomers, and with no one else around to help him, it seems the squirrel might never have his questions answered. But just before he goes to bed, he meets an unlikely visitor - Cygnus the Swan - who shares her remarkable knowledge to teach him everything he wants to know.

Starry Stories © Tom Kerss • Illustrations © Anni Betts